This is a basic list of items you will want to make sure you have before your new family member arrives. This is not a comprehensive list, only suggestions to get you started. Please feel free to ask questions about anything listed or for clarification. We are here to help you!

Elevated Dog Bowl set for water and food. Eating and drinking from elevated bowls encourages good digestion in your greyhound.

Dog Bed(s). Greyhounds love comfy spots, so if you aren’t going to allow them on the furniture- dog beds will be a must. We recommend a dog bed or crate pad for the crate.

Dog Food. We can tell you what food your greyhound has been eating in foster care. If you plan to switch their food we can give you 3-5 days worth of their current food to switch them gradually as to not upset their stomachs.

Crate. 48” is the size you will need.

Dog Coat. If you are cold outside, your greyhound will be cold. We are happy to recommend places to purchase custom made dog coats. Our group has some for sale as well.

Padlock for your fence gates. If you have a fence – this will ensure neighbors, lawn service and anyone else doesn’t accidently leave a gate open. We require a lock on all gates and will check during your home visit. This is for the safety of your greyhound.

Heartworm Preventative. Once the adoption is finalized, we will provide you with a letter to give your vet proving they are current on heartworm and do not need a heartworm test. You will be responsible for purchasing this after you have adopted.


Squeaky dog toys

Dog treats

Plain yogurt for upset stomachs

Plain Canned Pumpkin and or Imodium to help with diarrhea

Dog Brush (we recommend the Zoom Groom brush made by Kong)

Compressed Rawhide Bones (available at most Pet Supply Stores. These are a safer alternative to regular rawhide chews)